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Practice Survey Reporting


Patient Participation Group Report 2014/2015

The surgery runs a PPG group consisting of 15 members and has held quarterly meeting over the last year. The last meeting was held on the 24th March 2015 and the next meeting is booked for the 30th June 2015.

The group work closely with the Clinical Commission Group and some embers have attended various workshops through the CCG. A Jayne M Garnett – who is the Project Officer for Patient Experience and Involvement for Leeds West CCG have asked if they can attend so they can link in with and speak to member about different ways they can be involved with the CCG work and help to influence changes that affect patient care.

The profile of the PPG is 5 male members and 10 female members, one member is the practice manager and one the practice nurse, the age range is 2 members between 35 and 45, one member who is 47, 3 members between 65 and 75 and 9 members over 75.  The ethnicity breaks down as 14 White British and one Caribbean.

The practice has continued it efforts to increase the membership and diversity of the group, via posters, leaflets practice website and more recently invites on registration and ad hoc invites. A virtual PPG group is also available for patients to use as a forum.

The capitation of the surgery is 4281 with 2193 male and 2088 female. The largest ethnic group is White British and the second largest Asian who represent 2.5% of the population.

The practice is open from 8am until 8pm Monday to Wednesday and 8am to 6pm Thursday to Friday

Appointments can be booked through the on-line system or by telephoning the surgery.  Appointments can be booked up to one week in advance and the practice also offers urgent or same day appointments.  Telephone consultation and triage appointments are available with the on call doctor and nurses on a daily basis.  The practice has slots in the morning for planned visits by doctor and nurse.  The nurse has a designated line and time slot in the day to take calls form patients for results etc.

Action Plan for last year based on three priorities – (how the practice had implemented them)

The PPG agree 3 priorities for the year

Working on and supporting the new building application which has been successful and is due for construction this year. Some members of the group are involved with and know the local councillors so have pushed and given valued support from that side.

Appointment System – working on improvements to system based on patients surveys and feedback. Also making sure patients informed of how system operates and 10 minutes for each appointment and improving communication

Patient Champions

The group have done work and attended meetings to set up ‘Patient Champions’ for the practice. This work is around friendship groups, gardening groups, walking groups and is mainly aimed at the retired population, also awareness and referral to various services already in situ, including elderly action. One member who is a retired Health Visitor has previously worked as a health champion so she is taking the lead on this with support from the other members

This year the priorities have been set

Patient Champions and work around over 75 year old patients initially seen and assessed by nurse at the practice, provide more support for mental health (lonely patients)

Carers more work around support for patients who are cares

Continues work on new building


Each year the group discuss complaints that the practice has received to see if there are y themes and plan appropriate changes, the survey that is currently used is Friends and Family Survey and this will be supported by CCG and practice – (two questions)

The group has run successfully for the last 20 years and is going from strength to strength with regards to the mix of members and their skills support for the patients and practice influence.

Everyone is welcome to join

Please contact Joanne Robinson – Practice Manager










The surgery currently has a patient participation group consisting of 15 members and has held four meetings in the last year, on 25th June 2013, 17th September 2013, 26th November 2013 and 11th February 2014. The next meeting is scheduled for 15th April 2014 which will be the AGM

The profile of the patient participation group is 10 female and 5 male, one of whom is the Senior Practice Nurse. The age range is 2 members between 35 and 45, 1 member is 47, 3 members between 65 and 75 and 9 members over 75. The ethnicity of the group breaks down as 14 White British, and one Caribbean. The practice manager and at least one of the GP partners also attend the meetings.

The practice has continued its efforts to increase the diversity of the Patient Participation Group with posters and information on the website to encourage new members to join the group.  Doctors and staff have also spoken to patients who attended surgery from minority groups to encourage the diversity of members. An online Forum is also available for patients who are unable to attend the PPG meetings.

The capitation of the surgery is 4286 of which 2192 are male and 2094 are female. The largest ethnic group is White British who represent 93% of the capitation. The second largest ethnic group is Asian who represent 2.5% of the capitation.

The practice is open from 8.00 am until 6.00 pm Monday to Friday and from 6.30 p.m. until 9.00pm every Tuesday. Appointments can be booked online through the clinical system, by telephoning the surgery after 10.00 am or by coming into the surgery. Appointments can be booked up to a week in advance are available to be booked for patients needing an urgent on the day appointment. Urgent appointments are available with all doctors after morning surgery. Telephone consultation appointments are available with a nurse or a doctor both morning and afternoon. The nurse will also take triage calls when all other appointments are booked and can offer emergency appointments where appropriate. Nurse appointments can be booked up to a month in advance. The nurse also has a dedicated time of one hour a day to take telephone calls from patients with any questions, concerns or to discuss results.

At the PPG meeting which was held on 17th September 2013, the patient participation group were asked whether there were any specific questions they would like included in the patient survey in addition to what had been asked in previous years.  The group thought it would be a good idea to create their own survey again this year, as it would contain fewer questions but focus on what the group felt were important issues and included questions regarding their concerns. The practice could also tailor the questionnaire to ask any questions they had . The standard questions regarding overall patient care would also be asked.

Patient Participation Group Questions to be added

Point 1

The group felt there was not enough awareness about the PPG and wanted a question included to ask patients if they were aware of the group.

Point 2

 Their second concern was whether patients were aware of the 10 minute appointment e.g. are patients aware they can book a double appointment. Do they know they can discuss two problems within their 10 minute appointment and that National Guidance states that each GP consultation is a minimum of 10 minutes .

  Point 3

 The PPG wanted the question about continuity of care included again this year as they had concerns that this may be a problem

Practice Added Questions

Point 1

The practice wanted to know if patients were aware appointments can be booked and prescriptions can be ordered through our clinical system.

 The practice also included the questions about Receptionists and Appointments Questions regarding patient care, appointments, waiting times for consultations etc.

Creating and completing the survey

The surgery created the survey and again limited it to 25 questions as we felt that any more would not achieve completed questionnaires.

The survey could be completed on the website or a paper copy was made available for patients to either complete in the surgery or to take home and complete. The surgery collected 150 responses which could be included in the survey. The survey results can be seen on the surgery website but just clicking on the “view the results of our latest patient survey”. We have a selection of the most relevant results displayed on the notice board in the surgery waiting area.


The results were taken to the patient participation group for discussion at the meeting on 11th February 2014 at which time the Practice Manager thanked the PPG for their input.

The group discussed the results of the patient survey including the three questions that they had specifically asked to be included.

Point 1 results

Question 1   Are you aware that the surgery has a Patient Participation Group where patients can discuss the general operation of the practice e .g.  the appointment system etc.

50% said yes they were aware

Point 2 Results

Question 8 awareness regarding GP consultation time is not less than 10 minutes.

59% were aware that National Guidance states that each GP consultation is 10 minutes

Questions 9 and 10 regarding discussing more than one condition or knowing a double appointment could be booked if more than two conditions needed to be discussed the results were as follows:

 64% felt able to discuss up to 2 conditions within their 10 minute appointment.

36% were aware that if more than two conditions needed to be discussed a double appointment could be booked which is an increase of 20%

Point 3 Results

Questions 20 around the overall stability of the practice had a very positive response with

90% saying they had had continuity of care over the last 12 months and there was a 6% no response on the survey.

Surgery added questions

 Point  1 Results

Question 2   Did you know that you can book appointments and order prescriptions through our clinical system once you have a unique password to enable access.

59% responded by saying yes they did know

Other results included:

81% of patients saying they rated easy or above the waiting time to get an appointment.

 90% said it was fairly easy or easy to speak to someone on the telephone at the surgery.

80% of patients said receptionists were very helpful and 16% said they were fairly helpful, making a 96% positive result. There was a 3% no response.

All the questions that were in last year’s survey have an improved percentage in this year’s survey


The PPG stated that they were happy with the appointment system i.e. phoning for an appointment at 10.00 am and were pleased at the results of the continuity of care results.

  The surgery felt that there is now a greater feeling of confidence in the stability of the practice .The practice manager thanked the PPG for including the 10 minute appointment question and booking a double appointment etc. As a result of the survey, 10 minute appointments where up to 2 conditions can be discussed and a double appointment can be booked for more than 2 conditions, the practice felt that it should be proactive in ensuring patients are aware of the options available to them. The appointment time (10 minutes) and option for a double appointment should it be necessary has now been advertised as a poster on the noticeboard   in the surgery and on the surgery website.

The PPG discussed the results of the survey and agreed that on the whole the results were very positive.

 The following comments were made

“nothing stood out as bad”

“some patients  are still not aware of the 10 minute appointment time and this needs to be addressed.

“Nurses have achieved a very high percentage with 85% saying they had confidence or confidence to some extent in the nurse”

“Waiting time result was very high with 70% waiting less than 10 minutes

Actions from  the survey 2012 – 2013

The PPG felt it was important to continue advertising both, questions regarding, discussing two conditions in one appointment and booking a double appointment if necessary. The improved results show that the advertising had worked but that we could still do more. The information has been displayed in the surgery and on the website.  The PPG had asked the same questions in the survey as last year with the exception of SMS messaging reducing the wasted appointments of people who DO NOT ATTEND. The level of patients not attending booked appointments has been reduced since the messaging system was introduced.

Other Business

The practice has taken part in the Friends and Family Test pilot which ran for three months during the year and received exceptionally positive results which included some excellent comments from the patients, about the care they receive.

Working Together – Planning Health Care for our Communities

Two members of the PPG attended the CCG Locality meetings and are members of the Patient Forum. One of the meeting s was based on how patients can feedback to the surgery. Options including an Ipad in the surgery were discussed and the members of the PPG that attended felt the CCG thought the patients were more technically minded than they actually are. The PPG were happy for them to attend and thanked them.

New Building

 The plans for the new building were submitted at the end of February and an open session is to be held 1st April 2014 in the current surgery at which members of staff and the PPG will be in attendance. The practice thank the PPG for their continued support.


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